Our partner, the CoCoF, supports Brussels clubs recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The subsidy application is extended until 10 March 2023. Find all the conditions to apply on their page.

This year, the procedure has changed and goes through our management tool.
Here are the six steps that applicants must follow:

1. Create an account and wait for its validation
2. Create an organisation and wait for validation
3. Create a club on the organisation's dashboard
4. Fill in the contact person (who must be registered on CSAM)
5. Fill in the discipline and indicate the federation
6. Apply for the subsidy and find the subsidy identifier

If you have any questions about our platform, please contact sport@perspective.brussels.
For any questions regarding the CoCoF subsidy, please contact sport@spfb.brussels or call the following numbers: 02 800 81 89 or 02 800 81 88.