The ambition

The purpose of is to gather information on all sports facilities and organisations active in the Brussels-Capital Region. is composed of two tools in order to achieve a dual purpose:

  • A database in which participants in the Brussels sports world record data relating to their organisations, equipment, activities or events. 
  • A public website which transcribes all this data to make it accessible to citizens. The aim is to enable citizens to consult all the information on sport, facilities and sporting events organised in Brussels.

Sport unit

The Sport Unit was created in 2019 within perspective.brussel, the regional centre of expertise and initiator of the development strategy for the Brussels-Capital Region. this Unit is the Brussels body for the coordination and promotion of sport and responsible for centralising, analysing and developing knowledge on the subject of sport in Brussels. By comparing the existing supply and demand for sports facilities, it analyses the needs in the different Brussels districts and is developing a strategic vision for the development of sports facilities in the territory.

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The Sport Unit’ missions

  • It updates, manages and disseminates the Registry, a database that groups together all the facilities, organisations, sports associations/clubs and sporting events on Brussels-Capital Region territory.
  • On the basis of the data collected, it analyses sports, what is on offer and the existing facilities in order to develop, in collaboration with the relevant government institutions, a coherent and coordinated regional strategy for sports facilities.
  • It is also the point of contact with the Brussels sports sector. The objective is to facilitate the implementation of infrastructure projects, both permanent and temporary: project identification and coordination, networking of relevant public and private participants, and administrative support.
  • Finally, it promotes and raises awareness of sport through the publication of various media.

For full details on the Sport Unit is the regional centre of expertise and initiator of the development strategy for the Brussels-Capital Region

be running, be.brusssels

The Sport Unit has been given the task of drawing up, in consultation with the regional public institutions concerned, a strategic vision of the running tracks in the Brussels-Capital Region. The primary objective is to promote running, to improve its visibility and accessibility to the greatest number of people. Linking the different tracks, access to sports facilities, locating facilities in public areas, making life easier for runners, these are the objectives of be running. 

be running, also implies...

  • A big data study. A specialised office, TrackLandscapes, was appointed in January 2020 to analyse georeferenced data from running apps. The objective is to better understand current running in Brussels and to identify the interventions needed to improve and develop it.
  • A survey of runners (1st half of 2020) in order to find out their habits, motivations and field experiences.
  • A guide (2022) to help planners to master good practices related to the development and use of runner friendly tracks.
  • A 'RunHack', an event that aims to bring together runners and people responsible for urban planning to co-create solutions that improve running in the city in a concrete way
  • An identifiable, accessible and attractive 'recreational-active' network 

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