Competent authorities

Do you manage a club or sports association? Are you organising an event? Are you looking for support for your sports initiative, activity or facility? Click here to find a summary of the potential assistance available in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Several federal, community, regional and municipal institutions responsible for sport, award grants as part of the development of sports policies in the Brussels Region (for facilities, federations, clubs, associations, the promotion of sport or its image, etc.).

Brussels Local Authorities (GLP)

Administration of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for intervening in the financing of work projects for municipal sports facilities.

French Community Commission (CoCoF)

Administration responsible for promoting physical or sports activities in the Brussels Region. It is only responsible for amateur sport.

Vlaamse Gemeenschapcommissie (VGC)

Administration responsible for promoting physical or sports activities in the Brussels Region. The activities shall have to be organised mainly by Dutch-speaking NPOs with their headquarters in Brussels and are aimed more particularly at a Dutch-speaking public.

Brussels Regional Public Service (SPRB)

Brussels Regional Public Service (SPRB): Administration of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible, through its Brussels International service, for promoting the image of Brussels.

Administration for Physical Education, Sport and Outdoor Life (ADEPS)

Administration responsible for promoting, organising, encouraging and supervising physical and sporting activities for the French-speaking population of Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region. It develops sport for all, organises and supports high-level sport, provides financial support to sports operators (federations, clubs, etc.) and organises training for sports managers.

Sport Vlaanderen

The administration responsible for organising sport in the Flemish Region. It supports Sport for All via the VGC in the Brussels Region but remains responsible in Brussels for high-level sport and Dutch-speaking competitions.


Federal institution resulting from collaboration between the Federal State and the Brussels-Capital Region. Its objective is to promote the influence of Brussels as the capital of Belgium and Europe. It carries out construction and renovation projects in various fields. In terms of sports, Beliris has enabled the renovation of major sports facilities, including several municipal swimming pools.

The Brussels communes

 All 19 communes have a sports department. Most of them offer financial support to clubs active in their commune.